Saturday, August 11, 2012


We done with some tuts on installing Android, now its time to have some action. I'll start with Hello World Application which actually is by default application in Android with Eclipse. Though I'll explain each step with its reason for existence.

Follow below steps to make Hello World Application.
[Note: The project creation screens may differ with version of Eclipse. I have used Eclipse JUNO here which is latest one.]

1. Go to File -> New Project.
2. Select Android Application Project as shown in below image.
3. Give Application and Package name, select prefer version of SDK.
4. Next screen is to choose icon for your application. You can select your PNG file or can select from given list by clicking Choose button.
5. Now select Blank Activity and click next.
6. Give name of Activity and Layout. Click Finish.

Its done. Your project is created and you can see it in your Project Explorer windows.
To run the project right click on your project in project explorer, go to Run -> Android Application as shown in image below.

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