Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prepare Ingrediants for Android Development!

Android is the most complete and free operating system for stand alone device. If you are good at Core Java and have lil bit knowledge of XML, you can start development in Android.

All you need is an eclipse the classic version, Android SDK (version which ever you want, 2.2 & 2.3 preferred) . Just follow below steps to install all tools you need for development. Actually all softwares are portable so it is just copy paste like.

Download eclipse : Download Eclipse

Follow below instruction online installation.

1. Start eclipse.
2. Go to Help -> Install New Software.
3. Click Add button (It will start new window to add repository)
4. In Name text box enter name what ever you want.
5. In location field enter URL.
[Note: If there is any problem acquiring plug-in try using "http" instead of "https".]
6. After clicking OK, in available software dialog select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and click Next.
7. In next window you'll see list of tool to be download. Click Next.
8. Accept the agreement and click Next.
[Note: If you get security warning saying that authenticity or validity of the software can't be established. Click Next.]
9. After completion of installation just restart Eclipse.

The above process will install ADT (Android Development Toolkit) on your machine. Still you need to install Android SDK to start development.

10. After completion of above process you'll get an option in Window menu named "Android SDK Manager". Clicking on that option will open Android SDK Manager for you.
11. Select Android versions from list you want to install and click on Install Packages. It will open new window which will display all packages you are going to install.
12. Select Accept All and click Install, which will start download of Android SDK  for you.

After completion of downloading just restart Eclipse. Thats it, you are done !!!!!

You can suggest or query in case if you face any trouble in above process.


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